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The Dot on the Left

“The Commandant showed the demographics of the Prepster class by SAT scores…All I could do was lower my head in shame as the curve was ruined by one dot on the lower left side.”

Resilient Leadership

 and other bits of wisdom, wit, insight, and expertise. This is a collection of essays on life, business and leadership that you won’t want to miss!


What is goat wrestling you ask? When I was five years old our neighbor’s goat got into our backyard. When I was asked to get the goat, I grabbed it by its horn and wrestled it to the ground. I live my life that way, not just with that goat, but with dreams and goals. We all have our own goats to wrestle, but the question is, will you wrestle yours?

Find out why Dave is a must have that you need to get the results you want!

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