3 Things I learned from doing 100k steps in a day

Yes. I get it ultra marathon runners. You do this every day and for that, I applaud you and I am thoroughly impressed. I really am and one day I will join you for a race. Maybe. For all other average walkers/runners/people out there, this story is for you. I got a Fitbit a little while back and joined my Executive Class MBA's Fitbit community. IT WAS ADDICTING! If you [...]

10 Things I Learned as a Cadet That I Still Use Today

I had the distinct honor of speaking to the AFROTC group at the University of Texas today. As I went through my stories of combat, patriotism, and humor. One thing sticks out to me about these cadets -- they are as good or if not better than I was when I was headed out to the Military. I know the easy answer is to jump on the bandwagon about Millenials [...]

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