After attending this event this week, I had to share some of the great wisdom that Captain Scott Kelly and Captain Florent Groberg bestowed upon the world of bankers. These two gentleman represent what is great about America and what it should embody. Being former Military myself, I can understand their sacrifices, but the extreme at which their stories took place, are far beyond some people’s comprehension. I highly advise reading their stories and being familiar with them. They are continuing to do service to this nation through speaking.

Here are some quotes starting with Captain Kelly:

“The Sky is not the limit” – How cool is that? Maybe, only an Astronaut could say that, but it rings so true. We continue to place limits on ourselves and in reality, there aren’t any.

“I recognized something within myself” – YOU have a special talent that the world needs. What is it? Are you going after it? What’s making you stop from achieving it?

“Ignore what you can’t control and focus on what you can” – How many of us do this? We worry about things that we have absolutely no control over, yet those things can take over our lives. Focus on the now and what you control – there’s nothing more important than that.

Captain Florent Groberg:

“I’ve been blessed and lucky my entire life” – Why don’t we all think this way? We live in the greatest country in the world and yet, s

ome of us don’t appreciate all that we have. Be thankful on a daily basis.

“Expectations over Recognition” – We all want the awards, the accolades for just doing what we are paid to do. Is that necessary, that we constantly need to have someone to tell us we are doing a good job? As a leader, you should always do this, but when it doesn’t come, exceed the expectations anyway. Soon enough, through time, you will get the recognition deserved.

“Go out in the community and make a difference” – Going back to being blessed and lucky my entire life, Captain Groberg continues to speak to various groups and gives back to the community through his storytelling of principles to live by in life. We all have our own way to give, donations or time, but make sure you contribute to society. It will make a difference to someone’s life.

I wish I could write their entire speeches in this post, but taking a few pieces out of them were just as amazing. I highly encourage any of you to go and see them if they are speaking near you.

I would personally like to thank Captain Scott Kelly and Captain Florent Groberg for service to our nation, it’s people like them that make our country what it is today.