Let’s be honest, this isn’t the extensive list of becoming a resilient leader. However, these three items below will be extremely helpful wh

Let’s be honest, this isn’t the extensive list of becoming a resilient leader. However, these three items below will be extremely helpful when it comes to bouncing back as a leader in today’s world. In my quest to be short, but tall in value blogger — let’s get to it.

1.Reflection and Processing Emotions – Everyone, I mean everyone doesn’t seem to give this section a lot of time after a traumatic action happens to us. Maybe you don’t have time, maybe you don’t have a heart like the tin man (guilty), maybe you don’t have much — except an excuse, to skip this step (done it). Ultimately, in order to properly process the action that took place, we need to reflect on it. You can journal on the action that took place, you could discuss with trusted others, you could sit in a peaceful setting and go through all that happened. Once reflecting upon it, you need to process the emotion associated with each item and take ownership of it. Asking the questions of How and What, tend to yield better thoughts, rather than asking Why. For example, How could I have been better? What could I have done differently? vs. Why is the world against me? Why doesn’t it seem to go my way? Take the time to reflect and process the emotions, this is the starting point to becoming a resilient leader.

2. Making the Decision to Grow – John Maxwell states, sometimes you win and sometimes – you learn. Learning = Growing. There are three things that can happen during this decision period.

Decision to get worse from the action (negative behaviors)

Decision to stay the same (staying equal – sometimes, something can happen so bad to a person, that staying level is OK)

Decision to get better from the action (positive behaviors)

For positivity sake, I’m going to focus on getting better from the action. After making the decision to grow, you need to confirm the belief of your emotions and reflected thoughts. Confirming your belief may happen in a variety of ways. I personally discuss with trusted people around me that know me best. They will be honest and candid about my view of the action that happened and will guide me in the right direction. All resilient leaders make decisions that affect those around them, making it a positive decision will bring those around you up.

3. Focus on the Positive Behavior – After confirming your beliefs, then something happens to grow. You are motivated, you are inspired and actually, this is where hard work begins. Hard work is one of the most positive behaviors to focus on after the decision takes place. Les Brown, a famous motivational speaker states, “If you’re not willing to risk, you cannot grow. And if you cannot grow, you cannot become your best. And if you cannot become your best, you can’t be happy. And if you can’t be happy, then what else is there?”

I fully believe that growing makes us happy. Feeling productive makes us extremely happy. Whenever you have a negative action happen to you, take time – reflect, make a decision to get better at it, then figure out how you can grow from it. This kind of cycle will ultimately lead you to become a resilient leader that will be emulated.

Let me know what your top thing is for becoming a resilient leader in the comments! I’m always interested in hearing about other people’s success. (And processing it of course)